Application Hosting

Within minutes set up popular apps from our curated offering for users who desire the gold standard of data sovereignty in conjunction with zero trust. Our apps are so secure, even the cloud provider can’t see what is inside.

Vaulted managed applications

Leave the complexity of application installation and configuration to us. We’ll handle setting up, securing and updating so you can focus on using great apps.

Confidential capabilities, easy to scale

Quickly and easily spin up a apps within a high-security execution environment

Easy setup and maintenance

Set up the app within minutes, configure and manage it — all via a simple UI without technicalities.

Highly scalable

Scale up at to support your business growth. Resize your app cluster at any time.

Data Sovereignty

By default your app is in a vault — thanks to encryption at rest, in transit, and while in use.

Fast, reliable performance

Negligible performance overhead thanks to hardware encryption.                                                                                        

Access Control

Give users access to accounts and have full control over who accesses the app and data. 

Data Privacy

Designed to comply with data privacy standards, permitting the usage in highly regulated industries.

See enclaive in action

Watch a quick video of how confidential compute helps with Monty, Senior Confidential Compute Advocate at enclaive.

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