Data-in-use Encrypting Database Hosting

Within minutes set up the database of choice. And the twist, your hosting provider at no point in time does have access to your data. Data is encrypted throughout the lifecycle — at rest, in transit, and in use! 

Databases for any need with the twist

Leave the complexity of secure database administration to us. We’ll handle setting up, backing up, and updating so you can focus on building great apps.

Confidential data in use encrypted Postgres DB

Postgres SQL

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Confidential capabilities, easy to scale

Quickly and easily spin up a high-performance and high-security database cluster

Easy setup and maintenance

Set up a database within minutes and connect to with the CLI or API of choice.

Highly scalable

Scale up at to support your business growth. Resize your database clusters at any time.

Encryption in use

By default your database is encrypted at rest, in transit, and while in use.

Fast, reliable performance

Data-in-use encryption comes with no performance overhead due to hardware-accelerated encryption.

Simple Key Management

Thanks to data in use encryption and key provisioning, key rotation complexities are simplified.

End-to-end security

Databases run in your account’s enclaive, and only whitelisted requests via the public internet can reach your database.

See data-in-use encryption in action

Watch a quick demo of how enclaive’s databases protect your data while in use with Monty, Senior Confidential Compute Advocate at enclaive.

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